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none of us drink Fosters


We don't touch this stuff.

Well not many of us drink it anyway. While Fosters Lager is the biggest selling beer in pubs in London, the seventh highest in Europe and a big seller in the USA, in 2005 it only represented 1-2 % of beer sales in Australia and is available on tap in less than 6% of Australia's 5000 hotels.

Whadda we drink? Well I guess it all depends where you live, but the beer that represents nearly a quarter of all beer sales in Australia is Victoria Bitter, affectionately known as VB.

As the ad goes "a hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is Vic" That now famous ad began in the late 1960s using music from the movie The Magnificant Seven. The voice over was from the late actor John Meillon.

natures nectar


VOTED AUSTRALIA'S WORST WEBSITE : least visited sites magazine.

We spend all income on beer, rendering this an insecure site - most unlike an Australian politician's superannuation.

watch out or I'll drop ya !