"Ave a go ya bloody mug"
tell that wanker to get stuffed !

don't be a dick head !

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Ford GT 351
Tuff car
a roo bar - a reinforced front bumper
Boozebus - police van for drink / driving control
Divvy van - police patrol vehicle with lock-up rear
donk - engine
fang it - drive fast
FJ / HJ - former classic Holden models
Gun it - drive dangerously fast
hit the frog and toad - hit the road, time to go
Hook Turn - moving left before turning right across a tramway (Melbourne)
Hoon it - drive fast / recklessly
Monaro - Holden model popular with those of Greek / Italian descent
Paddy Van - Police van you get taken away in.
Rego - car registration
Road Train - large, multi-trailered lorry
Rex - subaru WRX, ultimate doof doof car
Servo - petrol station
Stack - accident
Toorak tractor - Range Rover 4wd
Trolly - petroleum
U-ey - a U-turn
Ute - pickup truck

watch out or I'll drop ya !