"Ave a go ya bloody mug"
tell that wanker to get stuffed !

don't be a dick head !

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where's Edna ?
Sir Les Patterson we salute you.

Alkie / Alco - alcoholic
Asians - south-east Asians (not of Indian subcont as in UK usage)
Banana bender - Queenslander
Bludger - scrounger / workshy
Bogan - working class young man with a hotted up car
Chick - young lady
Chook - older lady
Cobber - mate
Crim - criminal
Croweater - someone from Adelaide
Derro - tramp
Dickhead - idiot / fool
Digger - soldier / old bloke
Doorbitch - female bouncer at front of nightclub or pub
Drongo - worthless person
F**kwit - idiot / fool

Garbo - dustman
Heel - user / parasitic person
Hoon - person that's into hotted up cars usually of outer suburban origin
Jackeroo - male farm-hand
Jilleroo - female farm-hand
Journo - journalist
Larrikin - likeable dickhead
Legend - very popular person
Little tacker - small child
Melburnian - someone from Melbourne
Mexicans - Victorians when travelling north
Molly Dooka - left handed person
Ocker - a grown up yobbo
Pares / Olds - parents
Piker - coward / someone who drops out at the last minute
Poms - British
Postie - postman
Ringer - outback worker
Sandgroper - Western Australian
Septic (seppo) - American (septic tank = Yank)
Sharpy - skinhead
Skegs - surfers
Snag - sensitive new age guy (see also Food)
Sook - whinger / crybaby
Stickybeak - nosy person
Sydneysider - someone from Sydney
The Salvos - Salvation Army
Tin-arse - lucky person
Top bloke - good man
True blue - real Australian
Wogs - of Italian / Greek descent (perjorative)
Wooss - weak person
Yahoo - hooligan
Yobbo - lout; hooligan

how goods that look ?
Whitey, somewhat proud of his mullet hairstyle. Only Billy Ray Cyrus could be prouder.

watch out or I'll drop ya !