"Ave a go ya bloody mug"
tell that wanker to get stuffed !

don't be a dick head !

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koala is not a bear !

caramalized koala



munchies !

these little things we cook up on the barby
Brekkie - breakfast
barby - outdoor cooking hotplate
Chips - crisps
Coffee scroll - sticky bun
Damper - a big scone cooked on a campfire
Flat White - café au lait
Four n Twenty - make of Australian pie (as in Nursery Rhyme)
Hungry Jacks - Burger King
Lollies - sweets
Macca's - Mc Donalds
Pavlova - Australian meringue (after Polish dancer Anna Pavlova)
Sanger - sandwich
Snag - sausage (see also People)
Top scoff - good food
Tucker - food
mother's nectar
Biggest jar of Vegemite Ever Made (3.5kg) 1988. This is the stuff we eat like peanut butter.

watch out or I'll drop ya !