"Ave a go ya bloody mug"
tell that wanker to get stuffed !

don't be a dick head !

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Everyday Stuff

1 sanger short of a picnic - scatterbrained
99 cents in the dollar - slightly offbeat
A Blue - argument
A Bum Steer - bad advice
A fair go - a fair chance
a stubbie short of a 6 pak - scatterbrained
AFL - Australian Football League
what the ?

ah, shit yeah! - yes! I totally agree.
ANZAC - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Arvo - afternoon
ASIO - Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation
ass over tit - fall over stupidly
Av a go ya mug - to inspire one to try / endeavour
Award Wage - minimum wage
Bag someone - mock someone
Bail - leave
Barbie - barbecue
barrack - to cheer support
be one-eyed - be one-track minded
Be rough as guts - uncultured / ignorant person
bent - strange / offbeat / stoned
Bewdy! - great!
Bigs and Smalls - Spots and Stripes (pool)
bitch fight - 2 girls in a fight
Bizzo - business
Blackboys - grass trees
Bloady Oath! - too bloody right!
bog roll - toilet paper
Bucks Night - stag night
bugger off - go away
butcherous - heavy duty
can someone - put someone down
cark it - to die
cheers mate - thanks
chew the fat - have a chat
Chockers - full / busy
Come the raw prawn - mess someone around
Crack the shits - lose your temper

crap on - talk dribble
crook - ill
cut sick - go for it
daggy - unstylish
dead set? - really?
didge (short for didgeridoo) - aboriginal musical instrument
die in the arse - lose momentum
dinky-di - genuine
dob someone in - purposefully get someone into trouble
durry - cigarette
dutch Oven - purposefully trapping a fart under the duvet for your partner to experience
fair dinkum - truthfully
fair suck o' the sauce bottle - don't stuff me around
filthy - unfair
fired-up - excited
footy - Australian Rules Football
f*** a duck! - "bloody hell"
f*** me dead! - "bloody hell"
full-on - intense
get real! - forget it!
give someone heaps - mock someone
good on yer - well done
good value - likeable person
grouse! - great!
hang shit on someone - accuse / defame
happy as Larry - (after Australian boxer Larry Foley)
hard yakka - hard work
Hassle the bags - hassle someone a lot
have a bit of a yarn - tell a tale
Have a gutful - fed up
have a squiz - examine / look at inquisitively
Huge! - impressive (it was ~ )
I could go a ... - I would like a ...
in like Flynn - definately getting sex (like Errol Flynn)
It's a boy - if your beer overflows on opening
Know someone from a bar of soap - know someone from Adam
lay a cable - to do a really big shit
layby - to purchase on credit
like a headless chook - extremely disorganised
lose the plot - forget what you're doing
Make a liar out of someone - prove them wrong
Mark - catch the ball in midair from a kick (AFL)
Mint! - great! (WA)
Mullet - hair with tails
Nick off - disappear / leave
No worries - No problem
Not the full quid - mentally unstable
NRL - National Rugby League
Pack shit - be very worried
Pay out - tell someone what you really think of them
Peaking - in very good form
Pinch - to steal something
Pig's arse! - No way!
Pink fit - a rare occasion (equiv. a blue moon)
Pissfart around - mess about
Pox - worthless
Punch on - a fight
Push out the pups - have children
quibble - negotiate / bargain for
Rapt - delighted
Ra-ra-ra - etc, etc
Ratshit - useless
RDO - rostered day off
Retrenchment - forcible sacking from job
Rib someone - mock someone
Ridgy-didge - genuine / honest
Ripper! - fantastic!
Rock up - arrive
Ropeable - very upset / irritable
Rort - shady deal
RSL - Returned Services League
RWC - Roadworthy Certificate (MOT)
SCG - Sydney Cricket Ground
She'll be apples - it'll be OK
shellacking - a thrashing (usually in sport)
Shithouse - useless
Sickie - pretending to be ill to get out of work
Sidies - sideburns
skalp - ticket touting
skite - to boast
Snap someone - punch someone
Spew - to regret something / be very upset / or to vomit
Spin Out! - amazing!
Spit chips - lose your temper
Spit the dummy - get really angry
Stoked - very happy (surfing term)
Straight - sober
Streuth! - wow!
Stuff up - make a mistake
sunbake - sunbathe
Sus - suspicious
TAFE - Technical and Further Education College
Tax File Number - work certificate
tee something up - arrange something
That shits me - that really gets on my nerves
That'd be right - typical
The cool change - hot weather followed by storms (Mel)
The full quid - genuine / honest
The go - the best , most important thing (that'll be the ~)
To be dark - upset
To be sprung - get caught out
To hang out for - to long for something
Toey - easily agitated
Troppo - crazy from the wet season (up north)
Wag school - not turn up for school
Weak as piss - cowardly person
Ya mongrel! - you rotten person !
Yoose - plural of 'you'

watch out or I'll drop ya !