"Ave a go ya bloody mug"
tell that wanker to get stuffed !

don't be a dick head !

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roo - kangaroo
watch out for roos skiing !

Barramundi - one of the best fishes you can catch
Blue heeler - Australian breed of dog
Box jellyfish - particularly dangerous jellyfish
Brumby - wild horse
Cassowary - large flightless horny-crested bird
Chook - chicken
Dingo - wild native dog
Eastern Brown - very poisonous snake
Echidna - spiny anteater
Funnelweb - poisonous spider
Huntsman - non-poisonous but very large spider
Joey - baby kangaroo
kookaburra - a bird that has a laugh
Laughing jackass - kookaburra
Lyrebird - bird that can mimmick others
Mozzy - mosquito
Possum - australasian arboreal marsupial
Quokka - ratlike creature of Rottnest island
Redback - poisonous spider
Stingers - dangerous jellyfish
The bunyip - fictitious monster of the Australian interior
Thorny devil - camouflaged desert lizard
Whitetail - poisonous spider
Wombat - australian burrowing herbivore (eats roots and leaves)
Yabby - large freshwater prawn
peak hour on the farm

watch out or I'll drop ya !