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The flanny ----> my favourite clothing for everyday wear.

Akubra - Australian-style cowboy hat
Bathers - trunks
Beany - woollen hat
Blunnies - Blundstone? boots
Chesty Bond - Australian singlet
Cozzy - swimming costume
Daks / Strides - trousers
Drizabone - wax-covered coat
Flanny - checked shirt for $8.97 - BARGAIN !
Moccasins - footwear made of cowhide
Runners - trainers / sneakers
Skivvy - long sleaved sweatshirt that hugs the neckline
Sunnies - sunglasses
Thongs - flip-flops or a G-string
To rug up - to dress up warmly
Ugg Boots - boots made of sheepskin
Windcheater - sweatshirt

watch out or I'll drop ya !