"Ave a go ya bloody mug"
tell that wanker to get stuffed !

don't be a dick head !

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text 6 o'clock swill - former drinking up time
2 pot screamer - bad drinker
A Roady - final drink (one for the road)
A Vic - Victoria Bitter
Amber fluid - beer
Bark - vomit
Beerslug - Someone who drinks a lot of beer
Blind - pissed / intoxicated
Bottle Shop - place to buy takeaway liquor
BYO - bring your own (drink to a restaurant)
Chateau d Cardboard - cheap wine in a cardboard container
Chunder or Chuck Up - vomit
Darwin stubby - very large bottle of beer
Drive the porcelain bus - throw up (over the toilet bowl)
Esky - portable cooling cabinet for drinks
Good drop - quality alcohol
Goon - cheap cask wine
Grog - alcohol
Maggotted - be very drunk
Middy - 285 ml glass of beer (NSW)
Parro - drunk / paraletic
Pissed as a fart - really very drunk
Piss Up - meeting at mates place with beer
Pot - 285 ml glass of beer (VIC)
Schooner - 425ml glass of beer
Shout someone - buy someone a drink
Sink piss - drink casually
Skull - down a drink in one go
Slab - carton of 24 cans of beer
Slug piss - drink heavily
Spastic - drunk / inebriated
Spew - vomit
Stubby - 375ml bottle of beer
Stubby holder - can / bottle cosy
Tinny - can of beer
Write yourself off - willingly get very drunk

watch out or I'll drop ya !