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Tell a yobbo

OK mate - wadda ya think ?
Are ya gonna tell me ? Just make it up if you want to.

This is what Dale Cuffe from Brisvegas had to say:
Comments : Great stuff mate, good for a laugh and might become helpful to some of my yank companions here in the states. Only problem is footy should also have rugby league as a meaning. I never refer to AFL as footy, only AFL or aerial ping pong. It's all about the league mate.
Favourite beer : tooheys new, or tooheys extra dry
Favourite pub : ettimogah
Favourite pub meal : steak and chips
Favourite car : hj torana yobbo hoon all the way.

This is what Kat Louise from Alice Springs had to say:
Its alright, we don't always say all this but some of it is good. What about Paddy - for cop lock up van. Drongo - for a real dead beat lazy bastard. "I SAY...BRING ON THE BOURBON"!!
Kat drinks at Bo's, favourite pub meal is steak n chips, and she likes driving a Monaro, SS, sweet done up VN ...or any HOLDEN!!!!, and thinks beer is yuk.

This is what Ms Casey W.K of NSW had to say:
Comments :: i laugh like a mutha-fucka whenever i see this site. i give the link out to my non-aussie mates, so they can see the real us!
good work aussie aussie aussie!
Favourite beer :: Red Fizzy
Favourite pub :: "the local"
Favourite pub meal :: chips n gravy
Favourite car :: Holden HG ute

Copy and paste the following:

Comments :
Favourite beer :
Favourite pub :
Favourite pub meal :
Favourite car :

email to: thedickhead (at) aussieyobbo.com

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