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tell that wanker to get stuffed !

don't be a dick head !

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Yobman stubbie holder

- Keeps your beer cold and keeps your hand warm. A collector's item, made in Australia, aussieyobbo.com stubbie holder can be all yours. It is not individually numbered. It states clearly on the side of it "I'm working on me beer gut". A quality product made from only the finest wet-suit material. And of course it only comes in 'tough guy' black. Don't be a dickhead and buy one today. One size fits all.

Just send your email address with details and we will bill you with paypal. Price includes postage to anywhere in the world.

email: thedickhead (at) aussieyobbo.com


keeps beer cold

VOTED AUSTRALIA'S WORST WEBSITE : least visited sites magazine.

We spend all income on beer, rendering this an insecure site - most unlike an Australian politician's superannuation.

watch out or I'll drop ya !